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KOHLER diesel generators (from 10 to 40 kW) and gasoline generator sets (5 to 15 kW) offer heavy-duty power in a lightweight package

Available in both 60 and 50 Hz, these little powerhouses are built to be quiet and compact with minimal vibration.

  • luxury custom coaches
  • motor homes
  • travel trailers

Worry Free

For everything from low coolant to low oil pressure, KOHLER mobile generators automatically shutdown to protect against costly damage.


KOHLER mobile generators easily handle a variety of electrical equipment and even protect valuable on-board computer equipment from voltage fluctuations.

Easy to Maintain

Single-side access allows for easy routine maintenance checks and serviceability.

Advanced Control Features

The exclusive KOHLER Advanced Digital Control system ensures that the generator starts up smoothly and protects sensitive electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations. The ADC also provides remote monitoring of up to 13 fault conditions through the SAE J-1939 CAN Bus output.

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